Haunting in Homes that Freeze Our Soul

Sharing a home with a Supernatural or paranormal being has given rise to a fascinating horror tales, and the reasons it chooses to stay on the earthly plain rather than moving on are often more interesting than how it manifests itself.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio

Burley Rectory in Essex at the United Kingdom has been known as the Most Haunted House in England. The unearthly sightings in the home include a headless man, a lady dressed in white, hidden footsteps and ghostly whispers, strange lights, the noise of a horse-drawn coach pulling up to the front door and the panoramic picture of a nun wandering through the garden, her head bowed in sorrow. The fantasies allegedly dated back to the 13th century, when there was a monastery on the website. A young novice inĀ Scariest haunted house in Ohio fell in love with a gorgeous young nun, and when the event was discovered the fans were put to death – the monk was hanged along with the unfortunate nun was walled up alive in her convent. During the centuries that after many stories were told by local folk of ghostly experiences on and near the property. From the mid-19th century Reverend Henry Bull built the rectory, disregarding warnings from local residents about the apparitions and paranormal activity on the website.

A good story about haunting will remain with a reader forever. From the examples given above the soul has its own story; a motive for being in the building. And haunting are not restricted to homes, either.

Since 1978 many people have died in automobile accidents on Hong Kong’s Tune Mum Road, and the death toll is blamed upon ghosts. It is said the ghost suddenly show up in the centre of the street, causing drivers to swerve to avoid hitting them and crashing their cars. The ghosts are believed to be those of previous victims, and lots of drivers say they have lost control of the vehicles for no apparent reason

If one stands at the Screaming Tunnel in among the forests nearby Niagara Falls, and lighting a wooden game in the centre of the tube at midnight a shout will be heard when the match burns out. The scream is a member of a young girl who had been burnt alive by her unhappy father after he lost a legal battle over her. Another story claims the woman’s ghost stalks the living, and anybody it grabs will die suddenly. Additionally, there are reports of her dad wandering through the wood, carrying a lantern

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